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Table 1 Major clinical trials of TCR-T cell therapies for solid tumor patients

From: TCR engineered T cells for solid tumor immunotherapy

Disease Antigen HLA TCR-T cell source Clinical trial number Phase Status
Melanoma MART-1 HLA-A*02:01 PB (patient) NCT00910650 II Completed
  MART-1 HLA-A*02:01 PB (patient) NCT00509288 II Completed
  MAGE-A3 HLA-DP*04:01/04:02 PB (patient) NCT02111850 I/II Completed
  MAGE-C2 HLA-A*0201 PB (patient) NCT04729543 I/II Recruiting
  PRAME HLA-A*02 PB (patient) NCT03686124 I Recruiting
  NY-ESO-1 HLA-A*0201 PB (patient) NCT03638206 I/II Recruiting
  MAGE-A3/12 HLA-A*02:01 PB (patient) NCT01273181 I/II Terminated
  NY-ESO-1 HLA-A*02:01 PB (patient) NCT00670748 II Terminated
(A more highly selected protocol with ESO TCR opened for pts with melanoma)
  gp 100 HLA-A*02:01 PB (patient) NCT00509496 II Terminated
(Low accrual)
  PRAME HLA-A*02:01 PB (patient) NCT02743611 I/II Unknown
Lung cancer NY-ESO-1 HLA-A*02 PB (patient) NCT02457650 I Unknown
  NY-ESO-1/LAGE-1a HLA-A*02:01 HLA-A*02:05 HLA-A*02 PB (patient) NCT03709706 Ia/IIb Active not recruiting
Sarcoma NY-ESO-1 HLA-A*02 PB (patient) NCT01343043 I Completed
  MAGE-A4c1032 HLA-A*02 PB (patient) NCT03132922 I Active not recruiting
Renal cell carcinoma HERV-E HLA-A*11:01 CD8+/CD34+ T cell (patient) NCT03354390 I Recruiting
  TRAIL / PB (patient) NCT00923390 I/II Terminated
Bladder cancer MAGE-A10c796 HLA-A*02:01
T cells (patient) NCT02989064 I Completed
  MAGE-A3 HLA-A*01 PB (patient) NCT02153905 I/II Terminated
(Slow, insufficient accrual)
Esophageal cancer MAGE-A4 HLA-A*24:02 Lymphocytes (patient) UMIN000002395 I Completed
Metastatic cancer CEA HLA-A*02:01 PB (patient) NCT00923806 I Terminated
(Study was terminated due to poor accrual)
Pancreatic cancer KRAS G12D HLA-C*08:02 TIL (patient) NCT03935893 II Recruiting
Hepatocellular carcinoma HBV HLA-A*02:01
PBMC (patient) NCT03899415 I Recruiting
  AFPc332 HLA-A*02 T cells (patient) NCT03132792 I Recruiting
HPV+ cancer HPV-16 E6 HLA-A*02 PB (patient) NCT02280811 I/II Completed
  HPV-16 E7 HLA-A*02 PB (patient) NCT02858310 I/II Recruiting