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Table 2 Molecular markers of indolent MCL

From: Progress in molecular feature of smoldering mantle cell lymphoma

Ki-67 index ≤ 30%
CD200 positivity
No TP53 mutation/deletion
Lack of SOX11
Without rearrangement and overexpression of MYC
IGHV mutations
L-MCL16 assay and MCL35 assay
Unmutated P16 status
Without/minimal defects of ATM
No NOTCH1/2 mutation
Amp 11q gene mutation
No chr9 deletion
Several genes that have been valued in recent years (all of them are weakly expressed)
 Del 9p and /or Del 9q
Genes that lack data
 Kappa light chain restriction
 Almost no incidence of frameshift Bax mutations
 CD34 (−/ ±), CD83(−/ ±)
 No expression of HMG
 PARP1 silencing
 Up-regulation of BACH2
 Cluster 1 methylation pattern with somatic mutation
 Inhibition of Akt pathway
 No loss of PTEN
 Without overexpression of Mcl-1
MicroRNAs upregulation/downregulation