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Fig. 1

From: A high-throughput screening identifies histone deacetylase inhibitors as therapeutic agents against medulloblastoma

Fig. 1

High-throughput screen identifies dacinostat and quisinostat that reduce cell viability of Daoy and D283 cells. a 125 compounds were assayed for their IC50 values after the screening of 12,800 compounds. Blue bars represent the concentration range interrogated and black points indicate the IC50 value derived from the curve fit. The red line represents the 1 μM IC50 cutoff used to identify the 46 most potent compounds. Compounds having names too long to fit on the plot axis are identified by their compound identifier; their names are as follows: SJ000831486-1 = BML285 (diaminoquinazoline); SJ000287267-1 = cephaeline dihydrochloride heptahydrate; SJ000311301-2 = NA; SJ000312176-2 = aurora kinase/CDK inhibitor; SJ000287062-3 = 1-benzyloxycarbonylaminophenethyl chloromethyl ketone; SJ000287130-1 = lysyltryptophanyl-lysine acetate. Cmpd Conc, compound concentration. b, c The dose response curves (based on MTT assays) for cell viability of Daoy and D283 cells after treated with dacinostat and quisinostat for 48 h at the indicated concentrations

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