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Table 1 BsAbs against cancers in clinical development

From: The development of bispecific antibodies and their applications in tumor immune escape

Molecule Targets Format MOAa Indication Statusb Developed by
Catumaxomab CD3 + EpCAM TrioMab T cell recruitment Malignant ascites
Gastric cancer
Ovary cancer
Epithelial cancer
Fresenius Biotech
FBTA05 CD3 + CD20 TrioMab T cell recruitment BCL 1-2 Fresenius Biotech
Ertumaxomab CD3 + Her2 TrioMab T cell recruitment Metastatic breast cancer 2 Fresenius Biotech
CD3 + CD19 BiTE T cell recruitment B-ALL
Relapsed/refractory ALL
Pediatric ALL
Relapsed NHL
MT110 CD3 + EpCAM BiTE T cell recruitment Colorectal cancer
Lung and gastrointestinal cancer
MT111 CD3 + CEA BiTE T cell recruitment Gastric cancer advanced adenocarcinoma 1b Amgen
AMG330 CD3 + CD33 BiTE T cell recruitment Relapsed/refractory AML 1 Amgen
MT112 CD3 + PSMA BiTE T cell recruitment Prostate cancer 1 Bayer
RG7221 Angiopoietin 2 + VEGF CrossMab Two-ligand inactivation Colorectal cancer 2 Roche
RG7597 Her1 + Her3 DAF-IgG Two-RTK inactivation Head and neck cancer, colorectal cancer 2 Genentech
MM111 Her2 + Her3 scFv-HSA Two-RTK inactivation Advanced gastric and esophageal cancer 2 Merrimack
MM141 IGF1R + Her3 scFv-IgG Two-RTK inactivation Advanced solid tumors 1 Merrimack
MGD006 CD3 + CD123 DART T cell recruitment AML 1 Macrogenics and Servier
MGD007 CD3 + GPA33 DART-Fc T cell recruitment Colorectal cancer 1 Macrogenics and Servier
AFM11 CD3 + CD19 TandAb T cell recruitment Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma 1 Affimed
AFM13 CD30 + CD16 TandAb NK cell recruitment Hodgkin’s disease 1 Affimed
LY3164530 Her1 + cMET orthoFab-IgG Two-RTK inactivation Solid tumors 1 Eli Lilly
TF2 CEA + hapten D&L Fab3 Payload delivery Colorectal cancer 1 Immunomedics
  1. Information from (
  2. aMOA, mode of action
  3. b1, phase 1 clinical trials; 2, phase 2 clinical trials