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Table 1 Comparison of NQO1 expression across 2 clinical specimens as compared to levels in healthy tissue

From: Activation of NQO1 in NQO1*2 polymorphic human leukemic HL-60 cells by diet-derived sulforaphane

Under-expressed NQO1
Cancer type Gene rank (%) p value Fold change Reference
ALL Top 1 8.27E−5 −1.138 Kirschner-Schwabe [45]
CML Top 5 1.29E−10 −1.619 Radich [46]
  1. The mRNA expression levels of NQO1 were compared in normal vs different clinical sub-types of leukemia patients using the reported gene ranks, p values, and fold changes. The clinical specimen fold-change is defined as change in NQO1 mRNA expression level in the leukemia tissue compared to NQO1 mRNA expression level in corresponding normal tissue. Gene rank orders are generated based on the p values obtained in differential gene expression analysis. The gene expression data retrieved from the Oncomine compendium is log transformed and the standard deviation was normalized to one