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Table 1 Summary of clinical findings

From: Clinicopathological analysis of primary adrenal diffuse large B-cell lymphoma: effectiveness of rituximab-containing chemotherapy including central nervous system prophylaxis

Case/Age/Sex Initial presentation Tumor type Biopsy strategy Clinical stage PS IPI CT findings PET findings Laboratory data
Laterality of adrenal tumor Maximal tumor diameter (mm) [Laterality] Other lymphoma lesions [Maximal diameter (mm)] SUVmax in adrenal tumor SUVmax in adjacent LNs LDH (IU/L) sIL-2R(U/mL) Serum cortisol level at baseline (μg/dL) Serum cortisol level after ACTH stimulation* (μg/dL)
1/81/M Incidentaloma DLBCL Laparoscopic adrenalectomy IE-A 0 L-I Unilateral 40 [L] None 11.8 No lesions 372† 565† 13.7 24.8
2/69/M Incidentaloma DLBCL Open adrenalectomy IE-A 0 L-I Unilateral 80 [L] None 19.2 No lesions 376† 1374† 7.2 21.9
3/71/M Incidentaloma DLBCL CT-guided needle biopsy IIE-A 2 H-I Bilateral 52 [L] paraaortic LNs [17] 8.0 4.3 319† 1367† ND ND
         33 [R]        
4/62/M Hemiparesis DLBCL CT-guided needle biopsy IV-A 2 H Bilateral 60 [L] Brain 24.5 No lesions 381† ND ND ND
67 [R]
5/50/M Fever, shock Cerebral infarction DLBCL CT-guided needle biopsy IIE-B 4 L-I Bilateral 57 [L] paraaortic LNs [17] 22.4 3.5 415† 10468† 7.8 15.7‡
58 [R]
6/73/M Back pain DLBCL CT-guided needle biopsy IIE-A 3 H-I Bilateral 57 [L] paraaortic LNs [39] 26.0 14.6 345† 7303† 8.8 11.1‡
22 [R]
7/85/F Back pain DLBCL CT-guided needle biopsy IIE-A 2 H-I Bilateral 67 [L] paraaortic LNs [19] 21.5 8.6 529† 7777† 10.8 13.0‡
39 [R]
  1. ACTH adrenocorticotropic hormone, CT computed tomography, DLBCL diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, F female, H high; H-I high-intermediate, IPI international prognosis index, L left, LDH serum lactate dehydrogenase, L-I low-intermediate, LNs lymph nodes, M male, ND not done, PET positron emission tomography, PS performance status, R right, sIL-2R serum soluble interleukin-2 receptor, SUVmax maximum standardized uptake value.
  2. *Each serum cortisol level was measured at 60 min after ACTH challenge.
  3. †The value exceeds upper limit of normal. ‡The value is below lower limit of normal.