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Table 1 Single-cell transcriptome datasets of PSC-derived cells during hematopoietic differentiation

From: Generation and clinical potential of functional T lymphocytes from gene-edited pluripotent stem cells

Year of publication Cell types Dataset ID (data type) Generating T cell or not (Condition) Function
2017 [62] hESC-derived HE, non-HE, and HP cell populations -(scRNA-seq) Unknown Unknown
2017 hiPSC-derived CD34 + cells GSE87422 (single cell qRT-PCR) Unknown Unknown
2020 [63] CD34 + CD43- derived cells E-MTAB-8205 (scRNA-seq) Unknown Unknown
2020 [64] CD235a-CD43 + cells (scRNA-seq) Unknown Unknown
2020 [65] iPSC-derived EB at day 9/18/20 GSE134355 (scRNA-seq) Unknown Unknown
2020 [63] iPSC-derived CD34 + /CD43 − cells and their derivatives E-MTAB-8205 (scRNA-seq) Unknown Unknown
2020 [66] hESCs-derived CD43 + HPCs GSE148215 (scRNA-seq) CD8+ T/CD4+ T/CD4+CD8+ T (OP9-DLL4 co-culture) Unknown
2021 [67] hPSC/hPSC-derived D2/4/6 cells GSE145859 (scRNA-seq) CD3 + T (ATO); CD8 + T(anti-CD3/28 stimulation) Cytotoxic function in vivo
2021 [68] CD45 + CD34 + CD7 + iPSC-proT cells GSE169279
CD3 + αβ T cells
  1. iPSC induced pluripotent stem cells, HPSC hematopoietic stem cells, scRNA-seq  single-cell RNA sequencing; HESC; EB; ATO artificial thymic organoid, qRT-PCR quantitative real-time-polymerase chain reaction