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Table 1 Effect of platelet desialylation in thrombocytopenia

From: Platelet desialylation and TFH cells–the novel pathway of immune thrombocytopenia

Reference Finding Methodology
Grodzielski [46] Desialylation↑in the presence of GPIb-positive ITP CD34 + cells were incubated with ITP or control plasma
Dupont [63] Type 2B VWD and mice carrying the p.V1316M mutation elevated desialylation Samples from patients and mice with type 2B VWD were collected
Jansen [70] Refrigeration↑→desialylation↑, DANA inhibited desialylation, Desialylation↑→GPIb, GPV shedding↑ Platelets stored in DANA or PBS, fresh or refrigerated at 4 °C, were injected into mice
Kullaya [74] Desialylation↑→ADP signaling ↑→NanA exposure↑→platelet hyperactivity Whole blood or PRP was incubated with 200 mU purified neuraminidase and supernatants with and without NanA
Qiu [37] CD8 + T cells ↑→phagocytosis↑
DANA inhibits phagocytosis
CD8 + T cells and platelets were cocultured, and DANA was added
Grozovsky [73] Platelets desialylation↑→AMR→JAK2/STAT3↑→TPO mRNA↑ WT or Asgrs/st3gal4- mice were treated with sialydase and RAMPs
Hinek [83] NEU1→PDGF/IGF receptors→PDGF and IGF↓→arterial SMCs↓ AoSMCs were treated with ddNANA, anti-neuraminidase and preimmune IgG
Ma [79] SLC35A1 mutations→sialylation↓→megakaryocyte↓, megakaryocyte maturation↓, platelets clearance in liver↑ Mouse line with the Slc35a1 gene was established