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Table 2 List of ongoing PD-1 inhibition and rituximab combination therapy studies

From: The effects of B cell depletion on immune related adverse events associated with immune checkpoint inhibition

Study (NCT)PhasePatientsICIStudy startStudy completionConditions treated
NCT02541565133PembrolizumabNovember 2015December 18, 2018aDLBCL, FL
NCT032595291/230NivolumabMarch 2017December 27, 2020DLBCL
NCT03749018230NivolumabJanuary 2019December 31, 2021B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma
NCT037047141/230NivolumabNovember 2018June 11, 2022DLBCL
NCT03719131244NivolumabJune 2019October 31, 2022Stage III-IV melanoma
NCT03630042242PembrolizumabAugust 2019April, 2023Waldenström’s macrogloulinamia
NCT03934814188PembrolizumabMay 2019September 23, 2023Solid tumors, DLBCL, indolent lymphoma
NCT02677155220PembrolizumabJanuary 2016January, 2024FL
NCT03245021139NivolumabSeptember 2017June, 2024FL
NCT03995147251PembrolizumabAugust 2019August 20, 2024DLBCL
NCT03121677120NivolumabOctober 2018January 31, 2028FL
  1. DLBCL diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, FL follicular lymphoma
  2. aNo results posted