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Table 1 Characteristics and adverse events from ICI monotherapy studies

From: The effects of B cell depletion on immune related adverse events associated with immune checkpoint inhibition

StudyPatientsTherapy (dose)Hypothyroid events of any grade (%)Hypothyroid events of grade 3–5Median follow-up (range)
Westin [1]29Pidilizumab (3 mg/kg)0 (0)015.4 months
Weber [2]452Nivolumab (3 mg/kg)49 (10.8)119.5 months/13 monthsa
Bellmunt [3]266Pembrolizumab17 (6.4)b014.1 months
Herbst [4]339Pembrolizumab (2 mg/kg)28 (8.3)013.1 months (8.6–17–7)
  1. aAdverse events were reported up to 30 days after last treatment and treatment duration was up to 12 months at a maximum, for that reason follow-up time regarding adverse events can add up to no more than 13 months
  2. b10 patients (3.8%) experienced hyperthyroidism