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Fig. 4

From: The SMAC mimetic LCL-161 selectively targets JAK2V617F mutant cells

Fig. 4

Impact of LCL-161 treatment in a transduction–transplantation model of JAK2V617F mutated MPN. a Percentage of GFP+ (empty vector or JAK2V617F) cells in peripheral blood. b White blood cell (WBC), c hematocrit (HCT), d platelet (PLT) and e hemoglobin (HGB) counts in wild-type (empty vector) or JAK2V617F mice treated with LCL-161. f Spleen weights in JAK2V617F mice, P < 0.05, unpaired t test. g Percentage of GFP+ (JAK2V617F) cells in the spleen and bone marrow. h Snook’s reticulin staining of paraffin-embedded bone marrows in wildtype (empty vector) and JAK2V617F mice treated with LCL-161. n = 3–4 mice per group

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