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Table 1 Ongoing clinical trials of combined treatment with blinatumomab for B-ALL

From: Recent advances on blinatumomab for acute lymphoblastic leukemia

NCT Number Patients Treatment Phase
NCT02877303 Newly diagnosed B-ALL Blinatumomab + hyper-CVAD Phase 2
NCT03367299 Untreated Ph− CD19+ B-ALL Blinatumomab + chemotherapy Phase 2
NCT03480438 Older newly diagnosed Ph/BCR-ABL- CD19+ B-ALL Blinatumomab + chemotherapy Phase 2
NCT03518112 Ph−R/R B-ALL Blinatumomab + chemotherapy Phase 2
NCT03914625 Newly diagnosed standard risk or down syndrome B-ALL and localized B-Lly Blinatumomab + chemotherapy Phase 3
NCT02143414 Older newly diagnosed Ph−B-ALL Blinatumomab + chemotherapy Phase 2
Older newly diagnosed or R/R Ph+ (Ph-like) B-ALL Blinatumomab + dasatinib + prednisone
NCT03263572 Ph/BCR-ABL+ B-ALL Blinatumomab + ponatinib + cytarabine + Methotrexate Phase 2
NCT03147612 R/R Ph+/BCR-ABL + B-ALL Blinatumomab + ponatinib + chemotherapy Phase 2
NCT02744768 Newly diagnosed adult Ph+ B-ALL Blinatumomab + dasatinib Phase 2
NCT03605589 R/R B-ALL Blinatumomab + pembrolizumab Phase 1
NCT03160079 R/R B-ALL Blinatumomab + pembrolizumab Phase 1/2
NCT03512405 R/R B-ALL Blinatumomab + pembrolizumab Phase 1/2
NCT02879695 R/R B-ALL Blinatumomab + nivolumab with or without ipilimumab Phase 1
NCT02997761 R/R B-ALL Blinatumomab + ibrutinib Phase 2
NCT03739814 Newly diagnosed or R/R CD22+ B-ALL Blinatumomab + inotuzumab ozogamicin Phase 2
NCT03751709 R/R CD19+ B-ALL Blinatumomab + HMCT Phase 1
NCT03849651 Hematologic malignancies Blinatumomab + DLI Phase 2
NCT03982992 B-ALL with MC or MRD-positive after allo-HSCT Blinatumomab + DLI Phase 2
NCT02790515 R/R hematologic malignancies Blinatumomab + haploidentical HCT Phase 2
  1. R/R relapsed/refractory; B-ALL B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia; HMCT HLA-mismatched cellular therapy; BM bone marrow; B-Lly B-Lymphoblastic lymphoma; HCT hematopoietic cell transplant; DLI donor lymphocyte infusion; MC mixed chimerism; MRD minimal residual disease; allo-HSCT allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation