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Fig. 2

From: Ibrutinib inhibits antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity induced by rituximab or obinutuzumab in MCL cell lines, not overcome by addition of lenalidomide

Fig. 2

Obinutuzumab induces higher rate of cell death compared to rituximab in MCL cell lines. Cell death of MCL cell lines (JeKo -1, REC-1), treated with CD20-ab [rituximab, obinutuzumab (1 µM)] and co-cultured with PBMC. Data shown are mean values ± standard deviation of cell death from three individual experiments compared to control (no anti-CD20 mAb). a JeKo-1, b REC-1. RTX rituximab, OBZ obinutuzumab. Results were compared with student t-test. * = p<0.05

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