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Fig. 3 | Experimental Hematology & Oncology

Fig. 3

From: Daratumumab binds to mobilized CD34+ cells of myeloma patients in vitro without cytotoxicity or impaired progenitor cell growth

Fig. 3

CD59 is present on IM-9 and KG-1 cells but not on Daudi cells. With CD46 inhibition daratumumab does not cause CDC of KG-1 cells and with CD59 inhibition it does not impair the colony-forming capacity of CD34+ cells. a CD59 expression (blue) is high on IM-9 and KG-1 cells but not on Daudi cells. b When the BRIC229 antibody that inhibits CD59 is used with KG-1 cells in daratumumab CDC, the level of PI positivity increases minimally (mean ± SD). c When the GB24 antibody that neutralizes CD46 is used, there is no increase in PI positivity as highlighted (box) for KG-1, a stand-in for CD34+ cells, or other cells in this representative plot

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