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Fig. 1

From: Daratumumab binds to mobilized CD34+ cells of myeloma patients in vitro without cytotoxicity or impaired progenitor cell growth

Fig. 1

Fewer CD38 molecules are present on mobilized CD34+ cells compared to Daudi and KG-1 cells. a This is a representative flow cytometry scatter plot of CD34 and CD38 positivity on cells from a mobilized unselected cell suspension (left) and a CD34-selected suspension (right), showing that CD34+ cells express CD38+ as has been previously described [18]. b This graph shows the mean (±SD) numbers of CD34+ and CD34+/CD38+ cells in 9 specimens of mobilized blood CD34-selected cells from 5 myeloma patients, indicating that the purity of the selected specimens and the fraction of double positive cells were both high. c With the BD Quantibrite™ assay, we determined the mean number of CD38 molecules per CD34+ mobilized cell from myeloma patients and used as controls Daudi, KG-1 and IM-9 cells. Daudi and KG-1 cells have over 35- and tenfold more CD38 molecules per cell compared to CD34+ mobilized cells from myeloma patients

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