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Fig. 2

From: Early detection of transformation to BPDCN in a patient with MDS

Fig. 2

Emergence of aberrant CD123+ CD56+ CD4+ and HLA-DR + cells during the treatment period for MDS. Flow cytometry dot plots are shown for 3 longitudinal bone marrow aspirate samples: at presentation (top panel), after six courses of oral decitabine (middle panel), and at the time of fully developed BPDCN (bottom panel). The y-axis for each plot shows CD123 expression, and the x-axis shows HLA-DR, CD4 and CD56 from left to right, respectively. At presentation, the majority of PDCs had an unremarkable immunophenotype (CD123bright/HLA-DR+/CD4+/CD56). In the interim marrow, there is the emergence of a minor, but more prominent population of aberrant PDCs that are CD56+ (0.79%). At diagnosis, a large population of CD123+ CD4+ CD56+ cells has become clearly evident

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