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Table 1 Summary of TA-TMA diagnostic criteria

From: Bone marrow transplant-associated thrombotic microangiopathy without peripheral blood schistocytes: a case report and review of the literature

Diagnostic criteria Ho [7] Ruutu [8] Cho [9] Jodele [21]
Schistocytesa b
Elevated LDH
Renal and/or neurologic dysfunction    c
Low haptoglobin    
Normal PT/PTT  
Negative Coombs test    
Terminal complement activation    
  1. aHo and Cho defined increased schistocytes as ≥ 2/HPF. Ruutu defined ≥ 8/HPF as the threshold suggestive of TA-TMA
  2. bJodele noted that histologic evidence of microangiopathy on a tissue specimen may exist in the absence of peripheral blood schistocytosis and considered this finding sufficient for a diagnosis of TA-TMA even in the absence of other any other suggestive clinical features
  3. cUrinalysis protein concentration of ≥ 30 mg/dL and/or hypertension considered more reliable than serum creatinine as evidence of renal dysfunction