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Table 2 Ongoing clinical trials of anti-HER2 monoclonal antibodies

From: Development and clinical application of anti-HER2 monoclonal and bispecific antibodies for cancer treatment

Drug Identifier Disease Phase Treatment arms
Trastuzumab NCT01367002 HER2+ uterine serous cancer 2 a. Carboplatin + paclitaxel + trastuzumab
b. Carboplatin + paclitaxel
Trastuzumab NCT01196390 Esophageal cancer 3 a. Radiation + chemotherapy + trastuzumab
b. Radiation + chemotherapy
Trastuzumab NCT01325207 CNS progression HER2+ breast cancer 1/2 Intravenous trastuzumab
Trastuzumab NCT02030561 HER2+ breast and gastric cancer 1/2 Trastuzumab + NK cells
Trastuzumab NCT02598310 HER2+/ER− operable breast cancer 2 Nab-paclitaxel + trastuzumab
Trastuzumab NCT01340430 HER2+ breast cancer 2 FEC + paclitaxel + trastuzumab
Trastuzumab NCT01785420 HER2+ operable breast cancer 3 a. Trastuzumab
b. Placebo
Trastuzumab NCT02152943 HR−/HER2+ advanced cancers 1 Everolimus + letrozole + trastuzumab
Trastuzumab NCT01950182 (SYSUCC-002) Luminal B2 breast cancer 3 a. Trastuzumab + chemotherapy
b. Endocrine therapy + trastuzumab
Trastuzumab NCT01873833 HER2+ metastatic breast cancer 2 Chemotherapy + lapatinib ditosylate + trastuzumab
Pertuzumab NCT01996267 (TRAIN-2) HER2+ breast cancer 3 a. FEC-T + pertuzumab
b. PTC + pertuzumab
Pertuzumab NCT01572038 (PERUSE) HER2+ breast cancer 3 Pertuzumab + trastuzumab + taxane
Pertuzumab NCT02229149 HER2+ metastatic breast cancer 2 a. Chemotherapy + trastuzumab + pertuzumab
b. Chemotherapy + trastuzumab
Pertuzumab NCT02896855 HER2+ metastatic breast cancer 3 a. Pertuzumab + trastuzumab + docetaxel
b. Placebo + trastuzumab + docetaxel
Pertuzumab NCT02625441 HER2+ early breast cancer 3 a. Pertuzumab + trastuzumab + docetaxel
b. Trastuzumab + docetaxel
NCT02139358 HER2+ metastatic breast cancer 1/2 Gemcitabine + trastuzumab + pertuzumab
NCT01774786 HER2+ gastric or gastroesophageal junction cancer 3 Pertuzumab + trastuzumab + chemotherapy
NCT02536339 CNS progression HER2+ breast cancer 2 Pertuzumab + high-dose trastuzumab
NCT02598427 CNS progression HER2+ breast cancer 1 Intrathecal + pertuzumab + trastuzumab
NCT02581462 HER2+ gastric or gastroesophageal cancer 2/3 a. FLOT
b. FLOT + trastuzumab + pertuzumab
NCT02436993 Breast cancer 2 a. Carboplatin + paclitaxel + bevacizumab (HER2−)
b. Carboplatin + paclitaxel + trastuzumab + pertuzumab (HER2+)
NCT02411344 HER2+/HR+ breast cancer 2 Pertuzumab + trastuzumab + letrozole
NCT02326974 HER2+ breast cancer 2 T-DM1 + pertuzumab
T-DM1 NCT02414646 HER2+ breast cancer 2 T-DM1
T-DM1 NCT02675829 HER2 amplified or mutant cancers 2 T-DM1
T-DM1 NCT01702571 HER2+ locally advanced/metastatic breast cancer 3 T-DM1
T-DM1 NCT02289833 HER2+ locally advanced/metastatic NSCLC 2 T-DM1
T-DM1 NCT01966471 HER2+ primary breast cancer 3 a. T-DM1 + pertuzumab
b. Trastuzumab + pertuzumab + taxane
T-DM1 NCT01772472 (KATHERINR) HER2+ breast cancer 3 a. T-DM1
b. Trastuzumab
MGAH22 NCT01148849 HER2+ cancers 1 MGAH22 (margetuximab)
MGAH22 NCT02492711 (SOPHIA) HER2+ metastatic breast cancer 3 a. Margetuximab + chemotherapy
b. Trastuzumab + chemotherapy
MGAH22 NCT02689284 HER2+ gastric or gastroesophageal junction cancer 1/2 Margetuximab + pembrolizumab
XMT-1522 NCT02952729 HER2+ breast cancer, NSCLC and gastric cancer 1 XMT-1522
DS-8201a NCT02564900 Advanced solid tumors 1 DS-8201a
SYD985 NCT02277717 Locally advanced/metastatic solid tumors 1 SYD985
  1. The details of Table 2 derived from
  2. FLOT fluorouracil, leucovorin, oxaliplatin, docetaxel, FEC fluorouracil, epirubicin, cyclophosphamide, FEC-T fluorouracil, epirubicin, cyclophosphamide, trastuzumab, PTC paclitaxel, trastuzumab, carboplatin, CNS central nervous system, NSCLC non-small cell lung cancer