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Table 1 published case reports concerning B-ALL, osteolysis and hypercalcaemia

From: Adult acute precursor B-cell lymphoblastic leukemia presenting as hypercalcemia and osteolytic bone lesions

Author Patient Diagnosis Osteolytic lesions Mechanism
Chung [4] Male 35 years B-ALL Burkitt type Left mandibula PTHrP elevated
Seymour [7] Female 65 years B-ALL relapse Multiple lesions PTHrP nl
Female 44 years B-ALL Mulitple lesions PTHrP nl
Kaiafa [6] Male 24 years Pre-B ALL relapse with lineage switch Multiple lesions PTHrP nl
PTH low
1,25(OH)D nl
Verma [8] Female 27 years Pre-B ALL Multiple skull lesions N/A
Fukasawa [5] Female 53 years Pre-B ALL Multiple lesions PTH low
PTHrP nl
1,25(OH)D low
TNF-α elevated
IL-6 elevated
Solube IL-2 elevated
  1. B-ALL acute B-cell lymphoblastic leukemia, PTHrP parathyroid hormone related protein, PTH parathyroid related hormone, TNF - α tumor necrosis factor alpha, IL6 interleukin 6, nl normal, N/A not available