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Table 2 Lists the paraneoplastic retinopathy-associated antigens and their associated primary cancers

From: Paraneoplastic neurological complications of breast cancer

Type of cancer The associated antigens
Breast cancer Enolase, Recoverin, Transducin β
Gynecological cancers Enolase, Aldolase C, Carbonic anhydrase II, Recoverin and GAPDH
Small cell lung cancer Recoverin
Non-small cell lung carcinoma Transducin β, Carbonic anhydrase II
Colon adenocarcinoma Transducin β, Recoverin, Carbonic anhydrase II
Bladder adenocarcinoma Enolase
Skin melanoma Enolase, Transducin β, Arrestin
Skin squamous cell carcinoma Recoverin
Cutaneous B cell lymphoma Enolase
Prostate cancer Enolase, Carbonic anhydrase II
  1. The molecular weights for target antigens are: Enolase (23 kDa), Recoverin (46 kDa), transducin β (40 kDa), carbonic anhydrase II (30 kDa) [26, 54, 64, 65]