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Table 2 Comparison of NQO1 expression in HL-60 across 6 analyses using human cancer cell lines

From: Activation of NQO1 in NQO1*2 polymorphic human leukemic HL-60 cells by diet-derived sulforaphane

Under-expressed NQO1
Cell line Gene rank (%) p value Fold change Reference
HL-60 Top 1 1.76E−98 −3.978 Garnett [48]
HL-60 Top 2 1.08E−4 −7.291 Compendia (not published)
HL-60 Top 2 1.09E−4 −7.395 Shankavaram [49]
HL-60 Top 2 1.73E−62 −11.959 Barretina [47]
HL-60 Top 2 1.47E−17 −4.235 Wooster (not published)
HL-60 Top 4 8.21E−5 −6.637 Lee [50]
  1. The mRNA expression levels of NQO1 in the HL-60 cell line were investigated. The fold-change is defined as decrease in level of NQO1 mRNA expression in the HL-60 or in different leukemia cells compared to expression levels in non-leukemic cell lines. Gene rank orders are generated based on the p values obtained in differential gene expression analysis. The gene expression data retrieved from the oncomine compendium are log transformed and the standard deviation were normalized to one