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Table 1 Chemotherapy treatment and drug classes

From: The effect of metronomic versus standard chemotherapy on the regulatory to effector T-cell equilibrium in cancer patients

Drug Category Frequency Dose Cancer type
Standard administration
Epirubicin Anthracycline 2 W 100 mg/m2 Breast
Paclitaxel Taxane 3 W 175 mg/m2 Breast
Carboplatin Alkylating agent 3 W AUC6 Lung, ovarian
Metronomic administration
Vinorelbine Vinca alkaloid 5D 30 mg Breast, lung, prostate
Capecitabine Anti-metabolite 14Q21 2000 mg Colorectal
Temozolomide Alkylating agent OD 100 mg Colorectal
  1. 2 W: every 2 weeks, 3 W: every 3 weeks, 5D: every 5 days, 14Q21: 14 days every 21 days, OD: once daily (the cycle of chemotherapy treatment was 3 weeks), AUC: area under the curve.