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Table 1 Summary of all patients with intravascular lymphomatosis limited to the CNS (cIVL) reported in the literature

From: Intravascular CNS lymphoma: Successful therapy using high-dose methotrexate-based polychemotherapy

Author Site of involvement Neurological symptoms Treatment Outcome
Baehring et al. [1] Brain Right hemiparesis, dysarthria HD-MTX (induction 5, consolidation 10, maintenance 2) CR 20 months after diagnosis
Baehring et al. [1] Brain, spinal cord Proximal spastic paraparesis, psychosis HD-MTX (induction 12) PR 18 months after diagnosis
Baehring et al. [1] Brain, nerve roots Dysarthria, gait disturbance, allodynia HD-MTX initially (induction 6, consolidation 4), HD-MTX salvage (6 induction, 7 consolidation) PR until 8 months after diagnosis: PR until 12 months after recurrence
Baehring et al. [1] Brain Cognitive decline, homonymous hemianopsia, ataxia HD-MTX (induction 1 cycle) Died of disease progression after first cycle of chemotherapy
Calamia et al. [15] CNS NA m-BACOD OS 16 months
Calamia et al. [15] CNS NA Pro-MACE-CytaBOM OS 44 months
Bergmann et al. [6] Brain Left-sided hemiparesis NA OS 2 months
Bergmann et al. [6] Brain Spastic paraparesis, left arm paresis NA OS 2 months
DiGiuseppe et al. [3] Brain Mental status changes Pro-MACE-CytaBOM, ifosfamide/VP-16/cisplatin & whole brain irradiation (45 Gy) CR 48 months after diagnosis
Kanda et al. [16] CNS Aphasia, apraxia CHOP, VEMP, radiotherapy OS one month
Aznar et al. [7] CNS Distal paresthesia of the lower limbs, paraparesis NA OS few months
Passarin [8] Brain Progressive cognitive deterioration, tetraparesis NA OS 3–4 weeks
Natali-Sora et al. [17] CNS Generalized tonic-clonic seizures Cyclophosphamide, mitoxantrone, BCNU, methylprednisolone CR 46 months after diagnosis
Liow et al. [18] CNS NA CHOP OS 13 months
Albrecht et al. [9] Brain Cognitive deterioration, aphasia NA OS few weeks
Ferreri et al. [10] CNS NA CHOP (3 patients), CVP (one patient) OS less than 4 months
Holmøy et al. [12] Brain vertigo, diplopia, left-sided hearing loss, aphasia high-dose corticosteroid pulse therapy OS 18 weeks
Momota et al. [14] Brain Left-sided hemiparesis HD-MTX, whole brain irradiation OS 6 months
This case Brain Transient amnestic aphasia, gait ataxia Bonn protocol + rituximab CR 29 months after diagnosis
  1. Abbreviations: HD-MTX: high dose methotrexate; CR: complete remssion; PR: partial response; NA: not available; OS: overall survival; m-BACOD: cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine, bleomycin, dexamethasone, methotrexate; Pro-MACE-CytaBOM: prednisone, methotrexate (with leucovorin rescue), doxorubicin, cyclophosphamide, etoposide, cytarabine, bleomycin, vincristine; VP-16: etoposide; CHOP: cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine, prednisolone; VEMP: vincristine, cyclophosphamide, mercaptopurine, prednisolone; CVP: cyclophosphamide, vincristine and prednisone; Bonn protocol: HD-MTX, ifosfamide, procarbazin, cytarabine, vinca alkaloids, dexamethasone.