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Table 1 Summary of the therapeutic regimens used for the treatment of dermatologic manifestations of systemic AL amyloidosis, by the date of publication

From: Response of hemorrhagic bullous skin lesions of the breast secondary to primary systemic amyloidosis to a five-drug combination chemotherapy: a case report and review of the literature

Author Clinical Syndrome Skin Involvement Reference Published Year Treatment Outcomes
1. Beachman et al [5] Diffuse Bullous Amyloidosis of skin Upper Extremities (Am Acad Dermatol) 1980 Melphalan + Prednisone No Clinical CR, 9 mo
2. Ruzicka et al [6] Bullous amyloidosis Generalized Skin (Brit J Dermatol) 1985 Dapson/Prednisone CR  
3. Bieber et al [13] Hemorrhagic Bullous Amyloidosis Multiple skin folds (Arc Dermatol) 1988 Melphalane + Prednisone Lesions healed with milia
4. Johnson et al [2] Non-Hemorrhagic Bullous Amyloidosis Trunk & Proximal Extremities (CUTIS) 1989 Prednisone + Azathioprine Treatment failed
5. Pramatarov et al [14] Multiple Hemorrhagic skin Lesions with systemic Amyloidosis Multiple skin lesions (Intern J Dermatol) 1990 Cochicine + DMSO Partial response
6. Robert et al [3] Bullous Amyloidosis of skin, 3 cases Multiple skin (Medicine) 1993 Alkylating Agents Poor Response
7. Grundmann et al [7] Extensive Hemorrhagic Bollous AA-Amyloidosis Generalized Skin (Eur J. Med) 2000 Dexamethasone Stabilized after 3 cycles  
8. Ochiai et al [15] Bullous Pemphigoid Amyloidosis of Hands Systemic AA-amyloidosis Hands & Feet (J Cutan Pathol) 2001 CHOP ---
9. Comenzo et al [16] Review Article Systemic Amyloidosis --- (Blood) 2002 Melphalane + ASCT 100-day mortality of 21-39 %
10. Gertz et al [17] Primary Systemic Amyloidosis Systemic/Skin (Am J Medicine) 2002 ASCT Treatment-related Mortality of 14 %
11. Goodman et al [18] AL Amyloidosis Systemic/skin (Brit J Haem) 2006 HD chemotherapy + 100-day mortality ASCT 23 %
12. Giovanni et al [12] Advanced AL Systemic/Skin Amyloidosis (52nd ASH Meeting) 2010 Lenalidomide + Dexamethasone Mortality 13 % No CR, PHR 41 %,
  1. CR = Complete Response, PHR = Partial Hematologic Response.