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Table 3 Studies on clinical significance of E2F1 expression in NSCLC

From: Clinical significance of E2F1 protein expression in non-small cell lung cancer

Study/year1 Patient number Adenocarcinoma/SCC Assay used Incidence of E2F1 overexpression Survival difference
Volm/1998 96 0/96 IHC 24% No
Gorgoulis/2002 77 37/37 IHC 49% Yes
Huang/2007 127 63/58 Quantitative RT-PCR 40% Yes
Hung/2012 56 33/20 Western blot 38% No
  1. 1Last name of the first author/year of publication.
  2. SCC squamous cell carcinoma, IHC immunohistochemistry.