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Table 2 E2F1 protein expression in tumor and non-tumor specimens

From: Clinical significance of E2F1 protein expression in non-small cell lung cancer

  Number Mean* Standard deviation P value
Tumor 56 0.33 0.04 0.008
Non-tumor 56 0.09 0.02  
  1. *The membranes were exposed to NEN Renaissance x-ray film. The linear-range signal intensity of each specific band on the fluorogram is quantitated by a densitometric scanning system and comparison of proteins of interest is performed after normalization to the densitometric scanning of the Ponceau S staining. The control value of Ponceau S was assigned an arbitrary unit of 1, and the expression of each protein was denoted as arbitrary densitometry units (ADU) relative to the corresponding value of Ponceau S stain.